Silverstone LaScala LC18: Server Rack with Hi-Fi Allure

Inside View, Continued

The touch panel display sits in front of the drive cage

Both cables for the LCD touchscreen must be routed outside the case through a special opening

Pros And Cons

You'll find sharp screws under the case, so you won't want to store the manual or brochures there (this could also block the air intakes as well).


  • Great looking case
  • Built-in 7" touch screen (800x600 pixels)
  • Build accommodates standard ATX components
  • Terrific metalwork
  • All case edges are beveled
  • Very light weight (when case is empty)
  • Lots of room for disk drives
  • Pre-installed rear case fan
  • Robust, attractive front panel doors
  • Acoustic isolation on drive mounts (reduces vibration noise)


  • Small screen resolution of 640x480 on our pre-release model
  • Relatively high retail price
  • Sharp screws on the case underside
Siggy Moersch