Silverstone Sugo SG01 Is Stylish Flexibility, Cubed

Test Equipment, Continued

The drive cage can be removed to facilitate the hard drive's installation. Although the pre-installed 80 mm fan is slightly in the way, applying a little force allowed us to get around removing the fan first. Once the motherboard is installed, the aluminum cage holding the drives was then fitted back inside Sugo SG01. To install the optical drive and the front-mounted display, we had to first remove the case's drive placeholder covers, which are held in place by screws. Once they are removed, the 5.25" drive bays are easily accessible. There is enough space below the 5.25" drives to stow any overly long cables from the power supply or the drives.

At this point, it becomes clear that this cube offers more space than the average SFF case. Never before have we had so much space left over in an SFF PC!

Removable drive cage

Space to stow excess cable length

Cumbersome! This fan has to be removed before any expansion cards can be installed

Room to spare: Any barebone would turn green with envy

The finished product, an SG01 PC