SilverStone SX500-G PSU Review

Protection Features

Check out our PSUs 101 article to learn more about PSU protection features. Our protection features evaluation methodology is described in detail here.

Protection Features
OCP12V: 58A (139%)
5V: 35.4 (161%)
3.3V: 40.7A (185%) - Noticed a smell from the PSU
5VSB: 4.5A (180%)
OPP702.4W (140.5%)
OTP✓ (195°C @ secondary side)
SCP12V: ✓
5V: ✓
3.3V: ✓
5VSB: ✓
-12V: ✓
PWR_OKOperates properly
Inrush: NTC thermistor & bypass relay

OCP at +12V is set high (and even higher on the minor rails). Apparently, High Power thought it was designing a 1kW power supply and not a 500W one. So, the company decided to allow more than 40A at 3.3V. When we ran our OCP test on that rail, we noticed a smell coming from the PSU. We are pretty sure that if we applied 40A for much longer, the 3.3V VRM would eventually die.

Over-temperature protection is set pretty aggressively as well.

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  • love4earthwk
    I'm afraid I can't find ETA-B and LAMBDA B- ratings in cybenetics sites.
  • Aris_Mp
    there has been a change/refresh on the ratings. There is no more B, C, D ratings in the new ratings. The thresholds/ranges are exactly the same, just the naming scheme has been changed in some of the ratings. If you go to the ETA and LAMBDA pages you will find the new ratings.
  • Lutfij
    Good write up Aris! Should I revive my SFF system build, I'll know what to shoot for amongst a plethora of STX PUS's.