How to Speed up Your RAM

Memory Support With Motherboard Chipsets

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ChipsetMemory Type1)Max. Memory
ALI M1647DDR2662)3072 MByte
Nvidia NforceDDR2663)1536 MByte
Nvidia Nforce 2DDR4003)3072 MByte
SIS 735DDR2661024 MByte
SIS 745DDR3331536 MByte
SIS 746DDR3333072 MByte
SIS 746FXDDR4003072 MByte
VIA KT266ADDR2662048 MByte
VIA KT333DDR3334092 MByte4)
VIA KT400DDR3334092 MByte4)
VIA KT400ADDR4003)4092 MByte4)
ALI M1671DDR3333072 MByte
ALI M1681DDR4003072 MByte
Intel 7205DDR3333)4092 MByte4)
Intel 845EDDR2662048 MByte
Intel 845PEDDR3332048 MByte
Intel 865PDDR3334092 MByte4)
Intel 865PEDDR4003)4092 MByte4)
Intel 875PDDR4003)4092 MByte4)
SIS 645DDR3333072 MByte
SIS 648DDR3333072 MByte
SIS 648FXDDR4003072 MByte
SIS 655DDR3333)4092 MByte4)
VIA P4X266ADDR2664092 MByte4)
VIA P4X333DDR3334092 MByte4)
VIA P4X400DDR3334092 MByte4)
VIA P4T400DDR4004092 MByte4)

1) Fastest DDR RAM standard supported; DDR266 = PC2100; DDR333 = PC2700; DDR400 = PC3200

2) With C1 stepping DDR333
3) Dual-channel memory interface
4) 3576 MB available