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SSD Performance In Crysis 2, World Of Warcraft, And Civilization V

Gameplay In Sid Meier's Civilization V

Overall StatisticsCivilization V: Gameplay
Elapsed Time41:48
Read Operations714
Write Operations6468
Data Read49.11 MB
Data Written0.46 GB
Disk Busy Time1.56 s
Average Data Rate332.53 MB/s

Playing a game is almost purely write-oriented because its progress has to be updated continually to a temporary location on the drive. Civilization V follows that trend to some degree, but it does so using fewer write operations than Crysis 2 (and more than World of Warcraft).

Most of the write operations are 128 KB sequential transfers at a queue depth of one. There are a fair number of higher-depth transfers, but they are all evenly distributed between two and eight.

I/O Trends:

  • 85% of all operations are sequential
  • 49% of all operations occur at a queue depth of one
  • 46% of all operations occur between queue depths of two and eight
  • 53% 128 KB, 30% 4 KB

Seek Distance


Transfer Size