SSD Summer Slam: 12 New 2.5" And 1.8" Drives Rounded-Up

A-Data SSD S592 2.5” (128GB)

The A-Data SSD S592-series is available at 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities. We received the 128GB model for review.

The description on A-Data’s site mentions a lot of different performance enhancements compared to “regular SSDs.” The device is powered by Indilinx’s current controller together with 64MB cache memory, which, according to A-Data, leads to 250 MB/s maximum read (230 MB/s for 32GB and 64GB versions) and 170 MB/s maximum writes (150 MB/s for 32GB and 64GB capacities).

The drive almost delivered on these promises at 218 MB/s maximum read throughput on our X58-based test system and at least 170 MB/s write throughput—nice. However, our IOMeter-based streaming read/write testing resulted in a constant read maximum of 196 MB/s and sustained streaming write performance of 62 MB/s. This is still above-average I/O performance. We saw similar results under PCMark Vantage’s application benchmark, with its eight different test disciplines.

The 0.4W idle power also impresses, and we never measured more than 1.1W total power consumption during all of the power consumption tests. A-Data showed strong efficiency for streaming read operations and very good I/O operations. Keep in mind that our results only apply to the 128GB model, although the other capacity points shouldn’t differ too much.