SSD Summer Slam: 12 New 2.5" And 1.8" Drives Rounded-Up

OCZ Summit 2.5” (120GB)

The OCZ Summit series weighs in at 60GB, 120GB, and 250GB capacities. We received the 120GB model, which is rated at 220 MB/s read and 200 MB/s write performance. Our benchmarks returned 167 to 208 MB/s read throughput and 189 to 43 MB/s for writes. The minimum result obviosuly is a bump, but is has to be considered should you require sustained performance.

This SSD comes with 128 MB cache memory and is based on a Samsung controller, which doesn’t deliver particularly great I/O or application performance. However, the drive is power efficient, requiring only 0.2W at idle and a maximum of 1.4W during intensive I/O operations. This is less than the 2W active power specified by OCZ, but results may vary from model to model.

The low I/O performance results prevent a good ranking in our I/O workstation performance per watt analysis, but the drive does well in performance per watt for sequential throughput. One differentiator is OCZ’s 1.5 million-hour MTBF (mean time between failure) spec. Most of the other SSDs are rated at 1 million hours or only slightly more.