SSD Summer Slam: 12 New 2.5" And 1.8" Drives Rounded-Up

Cavalry Storage CASD Pelican Elite 2.5” SSD (32GB)

The CASD Pelican Elite SSD by Cavalry storage is the only product in this roundup based on a JMicron JMF602, which is probably the main reason for the device’s 115 MB/s interface bandwidth limit. In terms of real throughput, it reached a maxiomum 84 MB/s read and less than 50 MB/s on writes with minimum throughput way below these numbers.

Official performance numbers on the Cavalry Web site are entirely different. The firm talks about 250 MB/s read and 200 MB/s sequential write throughput, and 130/95 MB/s random read/write. These are obviously two different worlds. The site mentions 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities, but we received a 32GB drive, hence we can only say the results apply to our particular capacity. Since this unit isn’t mentioned on the Cavalry site, it seems likely that higher capacity versions might perform better than this one (at least we'd hope so).