Sytrin Nextherm ICS 8200: The Air-Conditioned Mid Tower

Getting Cool With Peltier (and Power)

From the outside, Sytrin's mid tower looks pretty much like many other computer cases - it's made of steel and features a plastic front cover. the real secret is only revealed when you take a look at what's inside. There you'll find a two 80 mm fans and a cooling system using two Peltier devices. The combination is supposed to keep the ambient case temperature at a pleasant 66°F (19°C).

The cooling unit

The two Peltier devices reside between two copper blocks, each of which sports a great number of cooling fins. A duo of two 80 mm fans and a 90 mm long radial fan provide sufficient airflow. When both fans are operating in "ice mode", the sound level rises to 50 dB - for reference, that feels like having someone vacuum the room next door.

Siggy Moersch