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The Tom's Hardware Guide Power Box

Benchmark Results

You will see that the benchmark results are mainly speaking for themselves. The Power Box is winning almost each benchmark.

BAPCo Sysmark2000

In BAPCo's Sysmark2000 Athlon is king, even though AMD is not even a member of BAPCo, while Intel is. The Power Box is able to score the mind-blowing result of 270!

BAPCo Webmark2001

Webmark2001 was run under Windows 2000 Professional. It is supposed to test the 'Internet-performance' of a computer system, whatever that actually means.

In Webmark2001, Intel's Pentium 4 is able to shine in a complete different light than in Sysmark2000. Still the Power Box is able to beat the Pentium 4 system here.

The Business-To-Business portion of Webmark2001 shows all systems much closer together, simply because the processor doesn't have as much of an impact on the scores. Still the Power Box is the leader.