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The Tom's Hardware Guide Power Box

Thermic Acceleration

I already mentioned that the Power Box is equipped with a processor running at a clock way beyond its current spec. This cannot be achieved without a special device. We know that semiconductors run a lot 'better' at low temperatures, which is why the Power Box requires a super-cooling device. Right now there is no better super-cooling solution available than Asetek's Vapochill, which is why it was chosen as one of the integral components of the Power Box. If you should not be familiar with the Vapochill, I suggest you read our extensive review from December 2000 .

Thanks to Vapochill the Athlon in the Power Box is running at 1600 MHz. The usage of Vapochill is actually not as crazy as it might seem. If you realize the price difference between Athlon and Pentium 4, the $650 for the Vapochill don't weigh quite as much.