The Tom's Hardware Guide Power Box


Isn't it surprising to see how certain editions of car magazines with reviews of cars like the Ferrari Maranello, Porsche 911 Turbo, Lamborghini Diablo or a tuned Dodge Viper are selling like crazy? It is obvious that most buyers of those magazines will never have the chance to own or even drive one of those super cars. Still the interest is immense. While flipping through the pages and looking at the pictures of those gorgeous cars your mind drifts off into imagination, picturing yourself as the driver of one of those cars. And what's so wrong with that? Dreams don't know any limitations and in most cases they are a lot more pleasant than reality. As long as you've got the ability to dream you know that you are still alive.

Tom's Hardware Guide is unfortunately not a car magazine (yet...), and I agree that PCs cannot possibly reach the big role that cars are playing in the minds of most guys. Still there seems to be a lot of interest in high-performing computers and computer components. If it wasn't so, I guess Tom's Hardware Guide wouldn't have so many readers. I decided to please those hardcore performance freaks amongst you and give you something to dream of as well. I checked out what I could use to make the most desirable PC-system on the planet, put it together and voila, here it comes, the Tom's Hardware Guide Power Box.