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OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB: Revisiting Write Performance With Firmware 1.5

Firmware AS SSD Compression Benchmark

After the file transfers, we ran AS SSD's compression benchmark, which generates random test patterns over the target drive using variable levels of compression. It's a particularly useful metric for evaluating SSDs with SandForce controllers in them, since they employ compression algorithms.

The Vertex 4 centers on a Marvell controller that does not utilize compression, so its results are not impacted by the compressibility of the test files. But we do get a visualization of performance over the span of the test file.

Our first run was started after folders one, two, and three had been transferred, leaving 25% free space.

Our second run started after we rebooted twice, making no other changes. Write performance improved by simply restarting the system. However, it's still not optimal.

We fired up our third run after deleting folders one, two, and four, leaving 63% free capacity. Write speeds returned to their optimal levels.