Video Transcoding Examined: AMD, Intel, And Nvidia In-Depth

Small Clip Transcoding Speed: APP Versus CUDA Versus Quick Sync

We downloaded three 1080p clips (H.264/MOV container) from Apple's trailer service to show more storage space-friendly bitrates (~9.5 Mb/s) that you would likely encounter on a day-to-day basis. Since we are more interested in the GPU side of things, we are only enabling the hardware encoding when we can.

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AMD Radeon HD 6970
AppSettingMediaEspressoSW Decode / APP EncodeMediaEspressoSW Decode / EncodeMediaConverterHW Decode / APP EncodeMediaConverterSW Decode / Encode
Fast & Furious0:00:330:00:530:00:270:00:25
Letters from Iwo Jima0:00:360:00:590:00:310:00:26
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Nvidia GeForce GTX 580
AppSettingMediaEspressoSW Decode / APP EncodeMediaEspressoSW Decode/EncodeMediaConverterHW Decode / APP EncodeMediaConverterSW Decode / Encode
Fast & Furious0:00:270:00:530:00:200:00:25
Letters from Iwo Jima0:00:280:00:590:00:210:00:26
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Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Core i5-2500K)
AppSettingMedia EspressoPerformanceSW Decode / Quick Sync EncodeMedia Espresso PerformanceSW Decode / EncodeMedia EspressoQualitySW Decode / Quick Sync EncodeMedia EspressoQualitySW Decode / EncodeMedia ConverterHW Decode / Quick Sync EncodeMedia ConverterSW Decode / Encode
Fast & Furious0:00:290:00:370:00:310:01:030:00:150:00:20
Letters from Iwo Jima0:00:310:00:410:00:340:01:110:00:200:00:25

When it comes to smaller files and lower bitrates, the CPU route is always slower than employing GPGPU or fixed-function encoding, in the case of Quick Sync.

The only outlier here is AMD in MediaConverter. For whatever reason, we are still getting longer transcode times when we select UVD 3-based decoding/APP-based encoding. Unfortunately, MediaConverter doesn't allow us to separate the two settings, so we have no way to know which part of the pipeline is causing the slowdown. We let both AMD and Arcsoft know about the issue, and we are told they are working on a resolution to this problem. This anomaly isn't exhibited in CyberLink's MediaEspresso.

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    I would say not long from here we'll see encoders doing video parallel encoding by loading pieces between keyframes. keyframes are tiny jpegs inserted in a movie preferably when a scenery change happens that is greater than what a motion codec would be able to morph the existing screen into.
    The data between keyframes can easily be encoded in a parallel pipeline or thread of a cpu or gpu.
    Even on mobile platforms integrated graphics have more than 4 shader units, so I suspect even on mobile graphics cards you could run as much as 8 or more threads on encoding (depending on the gpu, between 400 and 800 Mhz), that would be equal to encoding a single thread video at the speed of a cpu encoding with speed of 1,6-6,4GHz, not to mention the laptop or mobile device still has at least one extra thread on the CPU to run the program, and operating system, as well as arrange the threads and be responsible for the reading and writing of data, while the other thread(s) of a CPU could help out the gpu in encoding video.

    The only issue here would be B-frames, but for fast encoding video you could give up 5-15MB video on a 700MB file due to no B-frame support, if it could save you time by processing threads in parallel.
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    An excellent read though Andrew.

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    I would imagine Quicksynch is now a major plus for those interested in rendering ... and AMD and NVidia have some work to do.

    I appreciate the time and effort you put into the research and the depth of the article.