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ViewSonic XG2401 24-inch FreeSync Monitor Review

ViewSonic is the latest major display manufacturer to add FreeSync to its lineup. Today, we're testing the 24-inch XG2401. It's a FHD/TN screen with a 144Hz refresh rate and ultra-fast panel response.

Color Gamut And Performance

For details on our color gamut testing and volume calculations, please click here.

As we said earlier, the Native and sRGB presets are at about the same level of accuracy. The outermost color points are right on the money but thanks to the XG2401’s gamma errors, mid-tones are over-saturated and luminance levels are too low. In actual content, color doesn’t look too bad but there is room for improvement. The average error here is 4.98dE.

Since the User Color mode is almost perfect before calibration, our adjustments didn’t affect the gamut results. Luminance levels are still a bit low but more of the saturation values are close to their targets. Resulting errors are only visible for blue and lighter shades of red. It’s a distinct improvement over the Native and sRGB presets.

Now we return to the comparison group.

A 2.44dE average won’t set any records but it is solid performance among our group of gaming displays. All of them provide a properly saturated and natural color presentation that competes favorably with the IPS panels we’ve tested.

Gamut Volume: Adobe RGB 1998 And sRGB

Thanks to color points that are right on-target at the gamut limit, the XG2401’s sRGB volume is almost exactly 100 percent. While it may not be one’s first choice for color-critical tasks, it is qualified as a light-duty proofing monitor.

Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.

  • darthtomas_admin
    1st lol. On the serious note, is the panel native 8-bit one? That contrast ratio looks too good to be true .....
  • Amdlova
    i need this!
  • eklipz330
    48hz isn't optimal but it sure as hell is still damn good. 20hz would be perfect.

    freesync is kicking ASS. i hope nvidia continues to rest on their laurels as AMD picks up more market share and becomes a more formidable competitor.
  • RockyPlays
    Buying this asap.
  • karloe
    CONS: 48Hz lower FreeSync --> Christian, didn't you hear about Low Framerate Compensation?
    144 > 2,5x48 --> meaning LFC is on so the actual FreeSync range is 0-144Hz
  • rantoc
    *yawn* Yet another low res 1080p....
  • ubercake
    Great contrast. Definitely a plus for gaming. If you have the goods to keep framerates above 48 consistently, this monitor looks like a catch.
  • darthtomas_admin
    Christian, could you confirm screen part number ( is it real 8-bit one or 6-bit+dithering ) please.
  • sillynilly
    Another low price monitor good for a low range gaming rig. Not my cup of tea, but cool that the market isn't abandoning the cheaper options for peeps that don't run the latest, greatest parts in their rigs.
  • slashdot
    Not sure why people diss the "low price monitor", but Freesync and Gsync needs to encompass a larger range of price point. Faster value adoption means paying less "premium" for Freesync/Gsnyc in the top range. Otherwise, adaptive sync would be niche tech that would die in a year and two, and the so-called "premium feature" would no longer be supported.