Viotek GNV32DBE Review: Big Screen, Big Color, Big Contrast

The Viotek GNV32DBE is a curved 32-inch QHD VA gaming monitor with 165 Hz, Adaptive-Sync, HDR and extended color.

Viotek GNV32DBE
(Image: © Viotek)

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The 32-inch QHD 165 Hz category is full of capable screens, so I had no problem finding some to compare with the GNV32DBE. From Monoprice comes the 42891 (VA) and 43548 (IPS). Then we have the Cooler Master GM32-FQ (IPS), BenQ EX3210R (VA) and Corsair 32QHD165 (IPS).

Pixel Response and Input Lag

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The group is evenly split between 7 ms and 6 ms response times. The Viotek is in the former group, which puts it on par with a 144 Hz display. The difference is subtle in practice but if you want the smoothest possible motion, a faster response time, even just 1ms faster, is important.

In the total lag test, the GNV32DBE is about average among 165 Hz monitors. 32ms is plenty quick enough for gamers of average to above average skill. The most competitive players will want to consider a 240 Hz or faster screen. However, Viotek delivers terrific performance for a really low price here.

Viewing Angles

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

The GNV32DBE’s off-axis image gets darker at 45 degrees to the sides with a 40% light reduction. The color shifts to green enough that sharing this monitor might not be a great idea. The top view is similar with the same lowered brightness and green tint. Stick to the head-on view for the best results.

Screen Uniformity

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(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

My GNV32DBE sample measured well in all screen areas except the bottom right corner. I could see a slight hotspot there when viewing a black field pattern. The anomaly wasn’t a problem in actual content, and the rest of the screen looked fine to the naked eye. There is nothing to complain about here.

Christian Eberle
Contributing Editor

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