Warp Speed with Rambus: Six Boards for PC1066

Iwill P4R533-N: Inexpensive, Few Features

The Iwill P4R533-N package.

View of the Iwill P4R533-N.

In order to save on the costs of production, Iwill uses four layers for the P4R533. The sound chip from C3DX and the network chip from Realtek are noteworthy. From the start, Iwill does away with the integration of USB 2.0, thus reducing the features to a small number. Still, the board works together with PC1066 memory and attains average performance levels. In our evaluation, this board takes second to last place.

Accessories included with the Iwill P4R533-N (still in the sample stages).

Connections on the Iwill P4R533-N.