Warp Speed with Rambus: Six Boards for PC1066

Biostar M7TTB: In The Early Sample Stages

The Biostar M7TTB package.

View of the Biostar M7TTB.

The Biostar M7TTB sample doesn't exactly leave a flawless impression: it wasn't possible to operate the board using the fast PC1066 modules (32 ns access time). Usually, this can be remedied with a BIOS update. The homepage didn't seem too professional, since the date listed for the newest BIOS version (October 2002) is incorrect. Here, the user loses a bit of confidence. Although we updated the board with two of the latest BIOS versions, the board refused to work. And even though we remained in continual contact with the manufacturer, this didn't help much either - we never received a replacement for the board. Therefore, we omitted this board from the test and the benchmark results.

Interfaces of the Biostar M7TTB.

Which version of BIOS is the latest one? And which one is actually usable? Questions upon questions...