Windows XP a Goner? First Aid for your Windows PC

Plug-In Setup: Nero Burning Rom, Continued

Depending on the version, the registry details can be entered in the V5 or V6 section. The semicolons at the beginning of the lines must be removed, as well as those in the [Software.Addreg] section.

If no error messages appear after you click Enable/Disable, everything has gone well.

Plug-In Setup: WinRAR

WinRAR is a powerful and versatile program for working with archive files such as RAR or ZIP. There is no plug-in for WinRAR for PE Builder, so we created one [THG WinRAR-plug-in] .

It's easy to install the plug-in: after clicking Add the plug-in is loaded. The question of the plug-in-directory can be confidently confirmed by selecting OK.

Finally, WinRAR must be installed; the files are then copied from the WinRAR folder to the plug-in's files folder. If you have registered WinRAR you should also save the rarreg.key file in that folder.

  • agisvel
  • vladtepes
    Many times booting from xp cd , choosing the repair R option and using chkdsk /r solves the problem
  • number13
    there is program called winconsole.exe, make a bootable disk from your XP install disk that does all the necessary thing that you need a boot disk to do, great for saving data when you can't get the repair disk to do what you need
  • System (XP SP3 Home Edition) repeatedly failed while trying to boot (blue screen momentarily displayed then it would loop and try to reboot again; I captured blue screen with a camera but it didn't help). Tried to boot from MS XP Home Edition SP2 install disk (note earlier SP version) and was able to go into repair section. Most options didn't work ... but ran CHKDSK and found one or more errors which evidently repaired them. I ran CHKDSK a second time and there were no detected errors. Rebooted the PC and it worked! Thanks!