Windows XP a Goner? First Aid for your Windows PC

What's Needed?

The requirements to create a BartPE DVD are few. You need:

  • Installation CD for Windows XP (Home or Professional) or Windows Server 2003. In the case of Windows XP, at least Service Pack 1 must be installed. We also recommend installing Service Pack 2 (see also Installing WindowsXP and Service Pack 2 with 1 CD ).
  • CD burning software to burn ISO files; we use Nero Burning Rom.
  • PE Builder by Bart Langerweij
  • Additional tools for inclusion on the DVD

Creating The BartPE CD

PE Builder is downloaded as a ZIP file to your computer. It does not contain a setup program, so simply unzip it to a folder of your choice and run PEBUILDER.EXE.

The selection for the Windows source files appears when you click Next on the welcome screen. If the Windows CD is already in the drive, PE Builder finds it automatically, otherwise press the Search button to cause the program to look for it again. The path to a folder can be entered in the field below it for burning to the DVD, including all subfolders.

Selection of source and special folders

  • agisvel
  • vladtepes
    Many times booting from xp cd , choosing the repair R option and using chkdsk /r solves the problem
  • number13
    there is program called winconsole.exe, make a bootable disk from your XP install disk that does all the necessary thing that you need a boot disk to do, great for saving data when you can't get the repair disk to do what you need
  • System (XP SP3 Home Edition) repeatedly failed while trying to boot (blue screen momentarily displayed then it would loop and try to reboot again; I captured blue screen with a camera but it didn't help). Tried to boot from MS XP Home Edition SP2 install disk (note earlier SP version) and was able to go into repair section. Most options didn't work ... but ran CHKDSK and found one or more errors which evidently repaired them. I ran CHKDSK a second time and there were no detected errors. Rebooted the PC and it worked! Thanks!