CES 2024 Day 2: The future of PC building

CES 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center
(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

That feeling in the air? It's fatigue. That's right, we're running on fumes at this point,  powered only by fast food, excitement, and our mission to show you all of the best PC hardware coming out of CES 2024.

But we will not fail. Sure, we may finally have seen just about every laptop at CES, but there's plenty more out there. We've seen 3D printers, SSD cooling technology, mini PCs, next-generation RAM, weird CPU coolers and so much more.

Let's break it down:

Experimental components and new ways to build

XPG Hybrid Cooler

(Image credit: Future)

You don't reinvent the wheel, but there's also someone trying to change up the PC. We saw a few companies with new ways to build computers, or new ways to make the components you build them with. From cases to coolers, here are some of the changes we saw today:

Best of the rest

ASRock's WRX90 WS Evo motherboard for Threadripper Pro.

(Image credit: Future)

Today, we also spent time with massive new motherboards, trios of monitors, and a new 3D printer. Take a look:

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