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EVGA Joins Team Red, Teases First Ever AMD Motherboard

EVGA AMD Motherboard
EVGA AMD Motherboard (Image credit: EVGA)

A new nine-second teaser from EVGA suggests that an X570 motherboard is in the works. The news comes as a shock to the hardware world as EVGA has never produced a motherboard with an AMD chipset before.

It's common knowledge that EVGA has strong ties with Nvidia and Intel, which explains why you never see AMD motherboards or Radeon graphics cards come out of EVGA's factory. Some might argue that EVGA has made motherboards for AMD processors in the past, such as the EVGA nForce 730a. Technically, they weren't AMD motherboards per say since they utilized Nvidia's chipsets.

According to the short video, the upcoming AMD motherboard hails from EVGA's premium Dark series. Barring any surprises, the motherboard will likely arrive as the EVGA X570 Dark. EVGA has always been conservative when making motherboards, usually only putting out one or two models for every new chipset. While an X570 FTW is possible, it's unlikely that it'll happen.

EVGA aficionados will be happy that the company is finally putting out an AMD motherboard since they've been asking for one for a long time. Ryzen 5000 is among the best CPUs that are on the market right now, so there's no better way for EVGA to dip its feet in the AMD waters.

The AM4 socket launched back in 2016 so EVGA is a little late to the party. Three generations of Zen processors have passed through the AM4 socket, and it's nearing the end of its lifecycle. The Ryzen 5000 (Vermeer) series are probably the last processors that will reside on the AM4 socket. AMD did announce a new breed of Zen 3 chips with 3D V-Cache at Computex 2021, but the chipmaker didn't confirm if they were for AM4.

Now that we may finally see a full-fledged AMD motherboard from EVGA. We do wonder what's next in the company's agenda. Surely, EVGA won't go so far as to make an AMD Radeon graphics card?