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Report: iiyama To Offer Free FreeSync Upgrade For 28" 4K Monitor

Iiyama's B2888UHSU-B1 has already been on the European market for a while now, and it's gotten some good feedback, but a post on Overlockers UK makes it seem like an even better buy. From the looks of it, a free firmware upgrade to enable FreeSync on it may be coming in the future.

The B2888UHSU-B1 is a 28" 4K monitor with a 60 Hz 10-bit TN panel. The panel has a response time of 1 ms, a static contrast ratio of 1000:1, and a 300 cd/m­­­2 brightness. To improve the image quality further, it gas flicker-free LED lighting and a low-blue light mode. It also has an overdrive mode to speed up response times as well as an excellent height-adjustable stand.

Overclockers UK's product page now says that the monitor will support FreeSync in the near future, and that you can buy it now and have it upgraded later, for free. All you'll have to pay for is shipping back and forth to iiyama. It's unclear whether you'll get a new model or whether it will be a firmware upgrade, but given the costs to hand out new monitors, we imagine that it's just a simple firmware upgrade; otherwise, this would be quite an expensive little stunt.

We reached out to iiyama to confirm the information, but unfortunately the PR manager was on vacation. The representative we spoke to did mention that there was indeed an email going around the office about this, although he wasn't aware of any details.

AMD's FreeSync technology is the company's effort to leverage industry standards -- in this case DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync to enable stutter- and tear-free gameplay on monitors. The technology will compete with Nvidia's proprietary G-Sync but should come at a lower price.

Iiyama's B2888UHSU-B1 is available in Europe for about £390, or just shy of €500, bringing its U.S. price to about $500 if it were to make it to the stateside market.

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