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AOC Agon G322QCX 32" QHD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor Review: Affordable High-End Gaming


The enhancements curved ultra-wide monitors bring to gaming cannot be overstated. Until we all have a pair of high-performance VR goggles in our systems, a wraparound display is the best way to create a simulation on the desktop.

While plenty of progress has been made in the speed and accuracy of these screens, a 32-38” panel running at 100Hz or higher with adaptive refresh will cost you at least $1,000 in most cases.

For a relatively low price, the AG322QCX delivers a generous amount of screen real estate, QHD resolution, DCI color, 144Hz and FreeSync.

The AG322QCX offers a superb jumbo screen experience for gaming and general use alike. Speed and contrast enhance play, while some extra height keeps the player focused. When you have to get back to work with spreadsheets, word processing and web browsing, the 16:9 aspect ratio becomes a good fit. While many ultra-wides are used in the enterprise, 16:9 is still the dominant aspect ratio by far.

We enjoy the style AOC brings to the Agon line. Not all the panels have a lighting feature, but the AG322QCX does a nice job with its LED array. The stand and base are beautiful aluminum castings, and the whole package exudes quality. With performance to match, this display is easy to recommend.

If your budget won’t allow for a 38” 21:9 screen, this is a great value choice.

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