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ATI All In Wonder RADEON 8500 DV

ATI Software, Continued

Innovative optional feature: the video signal can be displayed as a transparent layer over the desktop.

This card can render videos in MPEG 1&2 formats, as well as in a proprietary ATI format. Data compression is performed entirely by the CPU. Hardware compression is not available with this card. According to ATI, a 5 GB hard drive can record up to 5 hours of MPEG1 video (1600 MBit/s) or 3 hours of MPEG2 video (3800 MBits/s).

The FireWire interface is automatically detected by Windows 98 as well as Windows XP. Movie Maker, part of Windows XP, had no problems with delivering flawless video playback from an attached DV camera. With Windows 98, you have to work with Ulead Video Studio or other bundled video capture software. In this case, the DV camera is operated as just another capture device.