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System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2011: $600 Gaming PC

Benchmark Results: Synthetics


A more powerful CPU translates into a larger lead at 3DMark 11’s Entry preset. But leaning on the same graphics card results in much closer scores as we step through to the Extreme preset.

After sweeping the gaming, encoding, and application tests, it’s no surprise the $600 rig also dominates throughout PCMark 7.

The current machine takes a lead in the storage metrics, despite the fact that weren't using a nearly identical mechanical drive. We can’t really say how much of this (if any) is a result of the H61's 6 Gb/s storage controller, since ASRock board's AMD 770 chipset consistently ran a little slow in storage performance measurements.

Intel dominates the Dhrystone and Integer Multimedia results, while AMD is far more competitive in the Whetstone and Float Multimedia portions of Sandra’s processor tests.

Memory data rates weren't overclocked on either machine, but we were able to increase bandwidth slightly by specifying CAS 7 and CAS 8 timings. The tighter latency settings enable the 2 GB/s gains seen from the current Intel system.