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Seven GeForce GTX 670 Cards, Benchmarked And Reviewed

Galaxy 67NPH6DV6KXZ

Could this card be the one most explicitly designed for overclocking? Its eight- and six-pin power connectors would seem to suggest so, as would the highest price tag (tied with Zotac's card) in today's story.

However, Galaxy went with fairly mid-range stock clocks of 1006 MHz on the core with a 1085 MHz GPU Boost rating, and 1502 MHz GDDR5 memory.

Galaxy does employ the GeForce GTX 680's PCB, which should help with cooling.

The card is surprisingly lightweight and visually appealing, equipped with a mix of thin aluminum and plastic shrouds. Its pulsating model designation is a matter of individual taste, but may catch eyes in a darkened room. Care is taken to route all heat pipes to the top of the card, which should reduce the amount of thermal energy radiated back toward the motherboard.