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GeForce GTX 760 Review: GK104 Shows Up (And Off) At $250

Results: Crysis 3

We’re forced to dial down Crysis 3’s System Spec setting from Very High to High to maintain the average frame rates we want at 1920x1080. Nevertheless, six of our seven tested cards fall within a 10 FPS range.

One particularly demanding passage knocks the GeForce GTX 760 down under 30 FPS. However, we remain happy with a >45 FPS average.

The Radeon HD 7950 doesn’t dip below 30 FPS, but the same card with Boost does, so this is likely an artifact of our manual benchmark and run-to-run variation. Even the GeForce GTX 770, which appears to avoid the dip one-third of the way into our test, drops lower than most other cards toward the end.

Curiously, Nvidia’s cards get hit by significant variance between consecutive frames. This is particularly strange in light of the results we gathered in our GeForce GTX 770 review, which showed the 770’s 99th percentile outcome at 3.5 ms. Suddenly, under the 320.39 driver, the 95th percentile is up to 10.42 ms. Because this benchmark requires manual input, it’s possible that a slightly different path explains the difference. But the GeForce GTX 760 and 670 also exhibit higher-than-expected numbers, while the 660 and 660 Ti are under 2 ms.

Chris Angelini
Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.