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Tom's Hardware Graphics Charts: Performance In 2014

Battlefield 4 And Far Cry 3

Battlefield 4

Our graphics cards are presented with more of a challenge by Battlefield 4. Unfortunately, the only way to get repeatable results is through the single-player campaign. Playing this game online will almost always yield lower performance, typically resulting from a platform limitation. To our credit, we did search for a fast-paced, scripted sequence that'd serve as a suitable benchmark.

The video contains one of the two benchmark runs per resolution. We’re only using the second run for our results; the score is very reliable, since it's, again, scripted.

You'll find our test settings in the table below:

Run 11920x1080 (1080p)API: DirectX 11Quality: Ultra
Run 23840x2160 (2160p)API: DirectX 11Quality: Normal
Loops2 per Resolution, 1 Used for Evaluation

Far Cry 3

By no means is Far Cry 3 a recent release, but it's still graphically challenging. And it's pretty safe to assume that any driver optimizations for this one are already rolled in to the software we're testing. This makes it a safe and stable performance benchmark, providing reliable control measurements for a long time to come.

Even though there are three benchmark runs per resolution, the graphics card is warmed up by running around the test's starting point after loading our saved game. The average of all three manual runs is then used for the performance results. We’re including panning to provide a nice panoramic view, a scene that includes plenty of distance, and a change from land to water. Check out the sequence for yourself.

One last time, the settings are in the table below:

Far Cry 3
Run 11920x1080 (1080p)Quality: Ultra (Preset)
Run 23840x2160 (2160p)Quality: Normal (Preset)
LoopsThree per resolution