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Six Socket FM2 Motherboards For AMD's Trinity APUs

FM2A85X Extreme6 Firmware

ASRock dresses the FM2A85X Extreme6's firmware in stellar fashion, but doesn't allow new artwork to complicate its classic menu arrangement. Kudos for that. The OC Tweaker menu works the way we expect it to.

We chose 1.45 V for our overclocking attempts, and ASRock's Extreme6 board produced that voltage level at its 1.4375 V setting. AMD's APU was then overclockable to nearly 4.5 GHz with 100% stability.

The FM2A85X Extreme6 provides load-line calibration to stabilize CPU voltage under load, but we found it most consistent at the “0%” setting.

Since EPP is no longer mainstream, we were happy to find Intel’s competing XMP standard supported by ASRock’s AMD motherboard. XMP Profile 1 made it easier for us to nail down the highest stable DRAM frequency using our memory kit's rated timings.

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XMP made things easy for us, but we still could have picked those same timings manually if we needed to. The FM2A85X Extreme6 displays XMP settings in its DRAM Timing Control menu, and provides a broad array of manual adjustments to match them.

Thomas Soderstrom
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