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Is Solarism's Future Looking Bright?


The Solarism LM1503 is an exceptionally bright LCD monitor with better-than-average response rates. This means that you should have no problem viewing animations or playing games. Compared to other LCD monitors, the LM1503 also has better-than-average color reproduction - although not as good as a comparably priced CRT. While we couldn't recommend this monitor for serious video work it should be adequate for watching the occasional DVD.

Solarism's ABT (advanced brightness technology) certainly seems to live up to its claims, and does provide one of the brightest pictures available on any LCD. If you are in an office environment with lots of lights and windows, then this is the monitor for you.

Color Reproduction4
Geometric Accuracy5
Brightness Consistency4
Response Rate5
OSD Features3.5
OSD Ease of Use4
Overall Rating4.3