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Troubleshooting Windows 7 With Microsoft's Built-In Tools

Checking For Solutions

If Action Center does pop up with a message that it’s found a problem, clicking on the problem itself will pop up a solutions window. If appropriate, you can have Windows itself try to find and fix the problem. In the case of my Skype extention for Firefox issue, the options were actually appropriate.

Windows 7 possible solutions are sometimes actually useful!

Windows will happily try to check for solutions for every perceived problem. If you look at the "Check for Solutions" control panel applet, it can seem a little daunting.

Wait, isn’t Windows 7 supposed to be more stable?

At first blush, this seems like I had a huge number of problems. Wasn’t Windows 7 supposed to be more stable?

In fact, it is. Many of those issues were reported shortly after I’d installed Windows 7 and associated applications, but before I’d updated all those apps. The problems reported with Outlook, for example, have disappeared since I updated Office.