Microsoft: Something Big Coming for PC Gamers

Microsoft Game Studios General Manager Dave Luehmann reassured hardcore PC gamers that the studio hasn't completely moved into the casual gaming space. Without spilling details, he confirmed at least one game is in development that caters to the consumer who dumps loads of cash into upgrading their gaming rigs.

“There are other products, and I can think of one in particular, that will really encourage that type of behavior," he teased. Luehmann added that the core title will be part of a wide range (aka "funnel") of games that will cater to every PC gamer, whether its a casual title or one developed for core MMO players.

Previously Microsoft verified that Fable III would receive support for Games for Windows LIVE. The company also revealed a new edition to the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise and an online title for the Age of Empires series. Luehmann said that the latter title represented a significant new approach to PC gaming for the company.

"A $50 product, then two years later another $50 product and maybe an expansion? I think that needs to change," he said. "I think that’s a business that’s been successful, and it can still be successful--certainly retail’s still a very valid part of everything that we’re doing--but you can divide that up in a bunch of different ways. You can see micro-transaction games, you can see macro-transaction games: we’re going to experiment."

Luehmann added that more announcements and products will be released over the next 24 months. "We don’t have specific titles that we’re talking about, but there’s more in the development queue than you’ve seen," he said.

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  • burnley14
    How much more vague can he be?
  • theubersmurf
    You want to do something for PC gamers Microsoft? Put an x86 processor in your effing xbox so that ports aren't using an entirely different instruction set, that way there would be a fair chance of some of the crappy ports we get would work!!!!!
  • Other Comments
  • willgart
    any more details please???
    what type of system do we'll need? upgrading to which system?
  • furylicious
    With all these talks with companies heading over to consoles, while we PC gamers sitting with our DX11 cards with few games to test them out, I'd say it's about time for a push. With recent articles of DRM, and development houses porting games to support the PS3 and XBOX Live, it's been pretty bleak lately with some exceptions like Crysis 2. Just wish other developers would follow suit instead of giving us the meaty leftovers of console gamers.
  • burnley14
    How much more vague can he be?