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Benchmark Results: Crysis 2

The AMD A8-3500M APU Review: Llano Is Unleashed

Crysis 2 is a stretch for these low-power graphics processors, so we’ll add a low 1024x600 resolution to the mix. Let’s see how these products perform:

The A8-3500M APU and built-in 6620G achieve a playable 30 frames per second (FPS) average at 1024x600. While that's is a relatively low resolution, Crysis 2 is a very demanding and visually attractive title, so we won’t belittle this achievement. The Intel HD Graphics 3000 can only manage 23 FPS on average, with a 16 FPS minimum at this resolution.

The discrete Radeon HD 6630M does better though, and is able to offer 30 FPS at 1280x800. At 1600x900, nothing is close to playable.

AMD’s Dual Graphics does not work here. Crysis 2 is a DirectX 9 game, and Dual Graphics only works on DirectX 10 and 11 titles. It is disturbing that, with Dual Graphics enabled, performance drops to less than you’d see from a single discrete GPU. The AMD representative we talked to said that this is not what we should be seeing, as the driver is supposed to revert to the discrete card in DirectX 9. Hopefully this is a driver error that it can fix.

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