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Results: Battlefield 3 And F1 2012

System Builder Marathon, Q1 2013: $1,000 Performance PC

Battlefield 3 is capped at 200 FPS, and its 2560x1600 results appear somewhat CPU-limited at the Medium quality preset. Both of those things inflate our cheaper system’s apparent value in spite of the performance inferiority of its single graphics card.

Though our previous build reaches amazing performance heights at moderate resolutions, the cheap new system remains competent throughout Battlefield 3’s Ultra Quality preset.

A recent investigation that demonstrated F1 2012’s memory bottleneck using hard data also explains how the new single-GPU system beats the former dual-GPU champion at five of its eight test settings. Though the old configuration begins to pull away as we dive deeper into Ultra Quality testing, this quarter's cheaper build plays through those tougher settings with aplomb.

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