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Results: SiSoftware Sandra

System Builder Marathon, Q1 2013: $1,000 Performance PC

Something appears horribly wrong with our current build in Sandra’s Arithmetic module, but editor-in-chief Chris Angelini explains that the benchmark gets a big boost from the previous build’s Hyper-Threading capability.

Sandra attempts to capture theoretical performance, rather than real-world differences. I never would have imagined, though, that a few extra registers in a CPU core could make such a huge difference, even in a synthetic.

Sandra's Cryptography sub-test doesn't benefit from Hyper-Threading. Instead, it's bottlenecked by our memory subsystem, which feeds data as fast as it can to both AES-NI-equipped processors.

Our new build’s memory provides similar overclocking capability to its predecessor, but with slightly tighter timings that give it a small advantage in Sandra's Memory Bandwidth benchmark.

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