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Benchmark Results: Audio And Video Encoding

System Builder Marathon, Sept. 2011: System Value Compared

Recent changes to Z68 firmware appear to have given its motherboards a distinct advantage over their P67 predecessors, even in applications that can’t use Intel’s Quick Sync transcode acceleration. Such is the case in Apple iTunes and Lame MP3, both of which have never responded to the $2000 machine’s Hyper-Threading capability (Ed.: Because they're not threaded, of course), yet still show its overclocked Core i7 as having more performance than the $1000 machine’s higher-frequency Core i5. Could they be sensitive to L3 cache size?

HandBrake and MainConcept are threaded, perhaps explaining the $2000 machine’s performance lead. Value seekers, keep your eyes out, since the $500 machine has around half the performance at around one-quarter the price.

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