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Results: Adobe Creative Suite

System Builder Marathon Q4 2013: System Value Compared

Adobe After Effects shows the $2400 machine performing nearly twice as well as the $800 machine, boosting the value of the cheaper build. On the other hand, it punishes Don's $1600 PC for having the same core count as Paul's $800 PC.

Photoshop’s OpenCL-based filters prefer the $1600 machine’s Kepler architecture over the $800 PC’s GCN-based Radeon. It demonstrates even stronger disapproval for the $2400 build’s two Radeon R9 290s in CrossFire, though the same machine’s CPU does very well when switched to host-processing-heavy filters.

Premiere scales well with core count. Meanwhile, our PowerPoint-to-PDF test is single-threaded. In that benchmark, the most effective architecture operating at the highest clock rates is going to win.

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