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Network Test– PassMark Advanced Network Test

Intel’s 24-Core, 14-Drive Modular Server Reviewed

For the updated network test, I used PassMark’s client/server based Advanced Network Test.  I used the Compute Module running Windows 2003 Server as a “client” and ran two tests using two other machines as the required “servers”.  The first “server”: an eMachines desktop and the second “server”: one of the remaining two Compute Modules in the MFSYS25.  The reason I used two machines as “servers” was because I wanted to test both internal and external traffic going through the Ethernet Switch Modules.

Note: The NICs on all three machines were set to Gigabit/Full Duplex.

Server 1 – External Test


Linksys Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

Server 2 – Internal Test

Intel MFS5000SI Compute Module

Intel Pro/1000 EB Backplane Connection with I/O Acceleration

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

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