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Benchmark Results: Crysis And F1 2010

System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2011: $2400 Performance PC

Somewhat poorer CPU performance hands the new system a performance deficit in our Crysis High Quality test charts, at least before it’s overclocked.

The platform's overclocked performance lead increases at higher resolution, where the graphics cards are responsible for more of the outcome.

However, our new system’s factory-overclocked graphics cards don’t help its poor baseline performance until we reach 2560x1600, even at Crysis’ Very High quality settings. We're happy to report that Crysis will be retired starting next quarter, hopefully putting an end to hard-to-decipher results from this always-demanding, but somewhat-dicey test.

F1 2010 appears to favor memory performance using its High Quality preset, with the new system’s poor memory overclock hampering frame rates to some degree.

With a larger portion of the load shifted onto the graphics cards, F1 2010's Ultra Quality setting reflects our Crysis performance findings.

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