More Performance: The New Power Supply Standard, ATX12V 2.0

Input Voltage

To avoid any power surges, the power supplies are operated behind a network filter, which ensure that no high-frequency interference pulses enter the network. Such interference pulses can be produced by electric motors as well as common household appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.

An oscilloscope continuously measures the input voltage to determine whether it lies within the fixed specifications. The voltage must be between 180V and 265V at a frequency of 47 to 63 Hz.

Conclusion: New Standard Is Welcome

The new ATX12V specification provides several improvements and benefits to the PC power supply. First, it enables power supplies to kick out more power for the latest components. Second, the specification requires the integration of the Serial ATA power connector, which means the tiresome search for the right power adapter is no longer necessary. Last and certainly not least, the improved efficiency values keep your electric bill within reason and are gentler on the environment.

Despite a few different connectors, the new specification is still compatible with older hardware, using adapter cables or special ATX connectors with 20 or 24 pins. This means that should your old power supply fail, you can safely go get yourself a new one meeting the 2.01 specification and rest assured that it will work.

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