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The Radeon HD 6950 Sweet Spot: Five 1 GB Cards Rounded-Up

XFX takes advantage of its shorter Radeon HD 6950-specific circuit board by actually producing a card that’s short, completely eliminating the cooler overhang found on most competing products. The company still manages to fit a dual-fan cooler, dual DisplayPort outputs, and dual CrossFire bridge connectors, in spite of the fan shroud’s compact design.

Apart from the change in color, XFX’s circuit board appears identical to that of HIS. XFX still wins the space race by reducing its fan shroud overhang to zero.

XFX doesn’t add a factory overclock to this particular model, which is somewhat of a disappointment given its dual-fan design. Users are still welcome to use overclocking utilities to chase those last few frames-per-second.

Two minor let-downs inside the HD-695X-ZDFC box are its lack of a game coupon or any Mini-to-full-sized DisplayPort adapters. The obligatory CrossFire bridge is still present.

XFX’s standard warranty lasts two years, but buyers should read the fine print quickly, since registering within 30 days of purchase entitles them to a lifetime warranty extension.

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