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Results: Metro: Last Light At 1920x1080 And 2560x1440

Radeon R9 290X Review: AMD's Back In Ultra-High-End Gaming
By , Igor Wallossek

Metro’s Very High detail preset is demanding, so it’s telling that all of these cards serve up such playable performance at 1920x1080. The step up to 2560x1440 knocks the R9 280X under 40 FPS on average. Meanwhile, R9 290X averages more than 50 FPS at both of its BIOS settings.

This game’s built-in benchmarking utility applies a highly variable load. We can see, however, at both resolutions, that the most taxing sequences have AMD’s R9 290X well ahead. Whereas GeForce GTX Titan and 780 dip down to 30 FPS or so at 2560x1440, the R9 290X maintains around 40 FPS at its worst.

Dual-GPU cards again demonstrate the highest frame time variance. But a worst-case result under 2 ms is still plenty smooth, practically.

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