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Results: CATIA V6 R2012

Workstation Graphics: 19 Cards Tested In SPECviewperf 12

The Hawaii-based Radeon R9 290X's strong performance has us really looking forward to an upcoming FirePro product built on the same GPU, even if Nvidia's Quadro K6000 is clearly faster. Don't expect to substitute a Radeon into your professional workflow, though. AMD's Catalyst drivers aren't certified for any of these applications, so you'd be missing some of the workstation card's features. Then again, for what it's worth, the Catalyst package works a lot better in CATIA than Nvidia's GeForce driver.

Moving on to the benchmark results...

The FirePro W5000 and Quadro K2000 (as well as the FirePro W7000 and Quadro K4000) are on about even footing when it comes to price. The same can’t be said for their respective performance, though. AMD's FirePro W5000 manages to slide past Nvidia's Quadro K4000, which is almost twice as expensive. Similarly, the FirePro W7000 is only defeated by the Quadro K5000, which costs more than two times as much.

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