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Workstation Graphics: 19 Cards Tested In SPECviewperf 12

Creo 2

Our second benchmark is based on the Creo 2 design software from PTC, and again uses a handful of sample projects. The individual workloads manipulate models with between 20 and 48 million vertices. The viewset includes a number of output options supported by the application, such as wireframe, anti-aliasing, shading, shading with edges, and shaded reflections.

The following table shows how the 13 individual metrics are weighted (using the FirePro W7000 as our example).

BenchmarksWeight in %FPS

5.0073.23Wireframe + AA x8

10.0052.51Shaded + Edges




5.0017.03Wireframe + No Hidden + AA x8

10.0063.70Shaded + AA x8


5.0044.98Shaded + Edges


5.003.50Shaded + AA x8

5.0049.46Shaded + Edges HQ

10.0028.42Weighted Geometric Mean = 33.44