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Workstation Graphics: 19 Cards Tested In SPECviewperf 12

Maya 2013

Maya 2013 is another popular application included in SPECviewperf 12. Viewport 2.0 is purposely excluded, since it employs DirectX. The model used for testing is made up of 727,500 vertices, and includes options for shading, ambient occlusion, multi-sample anti-aliasing, and transparency.

Once again, the table below shows how the seven individual benchmarks are weighted, with the FirePro W7000 serving as our example.

BenchmarksWeight in %FPS

18.0059.37Shaded + SSAO

16.0039.25Shaded + SSAO + MSAA

16.0038.91Shaded + SSAO + MSAA + FPRT

16.0034.32Shaded + SSAO + MSAA + Transparent-Weight

16.0036.34Shaded + Wireframe

18.0080.16 Weighted Geometric Mean = 46.42