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Workstation Graphics: 19 Cards Tested In SPECviewperf 12


This benchmark simulates a typical volume rendering application, which is used for geophysical surveys (think seismology, along with oil and natural gas exploration) and medical imaging. During the surveys, 2D images are combined to form volumetric representations, creating 2D and 3D views that can further analyzed and evaluated.

The energy-01 viewset takes advantage of hardware support for 3D textures and the associated trilinear interpolation, which in turn depends on a lot of fast graphics memory. In fact, there's a large-res test that employs a 3.2 GB dataset. Cards with less than 4 GB of RAM can't complete it. This explains why some of our lower-end boards perform so badly.

In the following table, you can see how the seven workloads are weighted. AMD's FirePro W7000 once again serves as our example.

BenchmarksWeight in %FPS
Test 1

14.0010.13Test 2

14.009.80Test 3

14.005.03Test 4

14.002.55Test 5

14.002.95Test 6

15.000.54Test 7

15.000.55Weighted Geometric Mean = 2.64