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Benchmark Results: PCMark Vantage Storage Test

Can You Get More Space Or Speed From Your SSD?

All of the tweaks, taken together, have a negative impact on both drives in the Application Loading benchmark. Intel's X25-M sees its performance cut in half, while OCZ's Vertex 2 realizes an 18 MB/s drop in performance.

OCZ suffers again in the Gaming Throughput benchmark, losing 10 MB/s.

The opposite is true of Intel's X25-M, which sees roughly a 10 MB/s throughput increase with all tweaks implemented.

The tweaks again affect both drives negatively in the Video Editing benchmark. Intel's X25-M is hit the hardest: it's performance goes from 130.54 MB/s to 48.47 MB/s.

Another sub-test, another bad outcome. The Windows Defender benchmark shows both drives suffering a performance loss.

...and again. Intel's X25-M performance is nearly cut in half, while OCZ's Vertex 2 is subjected to a 30 MB/s drop.

Surprisingly, after all of the performance disappointments, Vantage's Pictures Import benchmark gives the Intel drive a quantifiable win. The Vertex 2, on the other hand, really isn't affected. 

In the Windows Vista Startup benchmark, the tweaks have a negative impact on both drives. Intel's X25-M sees the greatest effect, going from 198.33 MB/s to 107.33 MB/s.

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