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Thecus N8800PRO: Peeking Inside

Open-E's DSS V6: Storage Software Set Up, Managed, And Benchmarked
By , Marcel Binder

Removing the top cover of the N8800PRO exposes its innards. You see the eight hard disk bays on the right, two power supplies in the upper-left, and the motherboard below them.

Here's a front view without the top cover:

Looking around back, we see the redundant power supplies and a quartet of fans responsible for keeping the hard drives cool.

Here's a close-up on the four fans, which cool eight drive bays.

Although this is a storage appliance, the motherboard looks like something you'd find in a PC, for the most part. An embedded processor is actively cooled, and a couple of memory modules come pre-installed. Risers enable PCIe-based expansion.

Now we zoom in to the new DOM with Open-E's firmware pre-installed.

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