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Networking Benchmarks

Does Size Matter? Four Very Small Nettops Get Reviewed

These small form factor systems come equipped with gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi, so we used SiSoft Sandra’s networking module to compare them.

Note that the Ethernet bandwidth is reported in MB/s, while wireless bandwidth is reported in KB/s/100 to keep the numbers in a similar scale. To help get your head around what the wireless result really means, just multiply our figures by 100 to get the result in kilobytes per second.

While the gigabit Ethernet bandwidth is similar across all platforms (between 15 and 18 MB/s), the wireless speeds are faster on the Lenovo and Jetway boxes. Bear in mind that ASRock's machine supports dual-band 802.11n, though, and that these results were generating using a single-band router. ASRock may have done better at 5 GHz.

If you’re wondering why the results are relatively low, we tested in a real-world situation with the router on a floor above the PCs, about 15 feet away.

Here again we're forced to tweak with the scale to keep things comparable. The wired Ethernet latency is reported in microseconds, while wireless latency is reported in milliseconds times 100.

Jetway's Mini-Top does well, perhaps attributable to its external antenna. ASRock’s Vision HT also excels when it comes to wired latency, but stumbles when it comes to the wireless measurement. The Zotac and Lenovo systems fare similarly.

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